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Best Framing Shop in NYC – Galleria on Third

This marks the 21st year that Galleria on Third ( has been in business in NYC.  It began as a high-quality framing shop and has become a wonderful home for original art. Bit what sets Galleria on Third and its owner Shadin Hossain apart is their ability to give back.  In addition to being in business for many years, Galleria on Third is actually celebrating this feat with an art exhibit that will benefit Smile Train, an organization that helps children around the world fix their clef pallets.

This event marks the tenth such event that Galleria on Third will host and GSJ had the opportunity to speak with its owner Shadin Hossain.

GSJ: How did Galleria on Third begin?

SHADIN HOSSAIN: I came to NY from Bangladesh, and was fortunate enough to find work. I have done it all from delivering pizza to cleaning bathrooms. I was fortunate enough to find employment in a framing show, there I learned a trade that would ultimately become Galleria on Third.

GSJ: What does Galleria on Third offer?

SH: Galleria on Third began as a shop that offered museum-quality framing and artistic prints. Over the years and through the recession we have developed into a true NYC art gallery, offering original artwork in addition to the framing.

GSJ: How did you get involved with art?

SH: I have always been involved, when I was a boy in Bangladesh, I enjoyed creating art. When I came to the United States, my passion for art had to take a back seat as I focused on working as hard as I could to make a living then making Galleria on Third a reality.  A few years ago, while the economy was slow, we were not as busy as I would have liked, and decided to use my nervous energy and get back to art.  I was so happy I did that, I have created many works that seem to make people happy and that is all I ever really wanted.

GSJ: You are celebrating 21 years in NY, why do you think you have been able to stay around when so many other shops close?

SH: The key to Galleria on Third success is quality work, quality service, trust, and love. This is NY and you can go anywhere to get something framed, I learned very early on that customers will return if you treat them with kindness and respect and give them the best possible service. We are very fortunate to have very favorable online customer reviews and that helps immensely.

GSJ: What are your artistic influences?

SH: I have always appreciated the work of Romero Britto his use of color makes people happy and the work of Rafal Olbinski, both of which will be featured in our 15th Anniversary Celebration.

GSJ: You seem to do a bunch of charity work, what drives you to give back to others?

SH: Several years ago, I was watching CNN and Anderson Cooper was doing a report from Africa. I saw these small children dying from starvation and disease and was completely moved to do something. The next day I started planning my first benefit art show.  I am happy to celebrate 15 years in business with another benefit art show, the proceeds raised will benefit Smile Train, a wonderful organization who helps kids around the world (

Galleria on Third is located at 529 3rd Avenue between 35th and 36th streets, New York, NY, 10016. 

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