You are currently viewing Exploring Your Wild Oats: “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 14, Episode 2 recap

Exploring Your Wild Oats: “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 14, Episode 2 recap

Once again, things start off rather docile in New Jersey. First, we see Rachel changing her daughter’s diaper, right before the cameras cut over to Melissa. She’s chasing her dog Niko around with a diaper of his own. Across town, Jennifer is shopping online for her daughter’s school supplies, as Danielle’s daughter Valentina is posing for the cameras. She needs new headshots after being signed by an agency, because her career’s more popping than most of ours. Boujie Kids, Danielle’s business, is thriving, earning itself a spot in New York’s Fashion Week. On another positive note, Nate is celebrating year six of thriving, after having a cyst removed from his brain.

Therefore, she’s going to throw him a party, and guess what? Everyone is invited. What could go wrong?

On a lesser positive note for Danielle, she’s now estranged from two members of her family. We already knew about her brother from Season 13. But now, her dad is another, as he failed to stand up for Danielle with another incident involving her brother. Thankfully, Nate and her children are still communicating with her dad, and she will “never take that away from them.”

As for Dolores, she’s getting back into real estate. She’s also excited to head to the Jersey Shore to celebrate Nate.

Teresa and Luis finally make an appearance. Luis’ dad is sober, and he’s having a party. But as Teresa realizes that Gabriella is about to leave her nest, her tears begin, with a sweet mini-montage to boot. Teresa then brings up Nate’s upcoming party, focusing on Margaret.

“There’s things that I can’t say, because it involves legal issues, and it’s regarding Margaret Josephs. But I can’t wait for the world to see what a liar she is,” Teresa quips, adding “We got our answers.”

Speaking of children who are leaving for college, Antonia is also set to launch. For her 18th birthday, the Gorga clan, including Melissa’s sisters, meet up for a nice dinner. Here, Melissa tells her daughter that she wants her to “explore her wild oats.” Her sisters quickly tell her that she’s used the wrong saying here. She and Tre might have more in common than we all think…

Then the tears start flowing within this family as well. Melissa emotionally thanks her family for being there for them, as Joe begins to tear up. He notes that his own family is absent that night, but in Melissa’s family, they’ve found support.

Danielle and Jennifer pop on over to Teresa’s castle for a little Emsculpt session next. Gotta get high and tight for the Jersey Shore, amiright? As their machines massage their unpimpled asses, zero drama is to be had. For now.

Across town, Margaret, Melissa, and Rachel are playing Pickleball. Back over at Teresa’s, the laughs are continuing. Danielle jokes that she’d do a double-sided dildo with Teresa, bringing back up last week’s mess with John.

Returning to the courts, the ladies are taking a break. Naturally, the shore comes up. But also, Joe’s birthday is that same weekend. Therefore, Melissa will also throw a little daytime celebration for her husband.

Danielle’s back onscreen, telling Teresa that she is staying at Rachel’s house while they’re at the shore. She likes Rachel, despite her fights with Tre. “You wanna be friends with Rachel, God bless,” Teresa responds.

Speaking of Rachel, she’s not over the drugs and dildos from last week. Instead, she’s annoyed that John’s past is being used as a weapon against his present. She also made sure to note that a fellow former criminal was the one behind this rumor resurfacing.

Everyone’s starting to gather together at the Jersey Shore. Jen is finally back on our screens, telling Rachel that her own party last week slayed. Minus the “Teresa altercation.” Even still, Jen refuses to cut ties with her friend, noting that “the lower you go, the lower she goes,” so no one is innocent.

Danielle arrives at Rachel’s house next. She wants everyone to be cool at Nate’s party.

At Nate’s celebration, the smiles quickly turn to shut the f*ck up once Teresa arrives. Melissa jokes a hello to her sister-in-law from across the lawn, as Margaret tells her to shhhh. Teresa then pulls Jen aside, wanting answers on the Season 13 reunion gang-up plan. Jen tells Tre what she knows, being beyond fair to all sides involved.

Teresa also tells Jen that she knows John is a good person now. Jen calls Tre a good person, and all is well.