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“Fool’s Paradise”

In Fool’s Paradise, Charlie Day plays Latte Pronto, a man who’s recently been discharged from a mental health institution since the state doesn’t cover the kind of healthcare he needs. While he’s wandering the streets, he’s discovered by The Producer (Ray Liotta), who realises he’s a dead ringer for the main actor in their new movie. The Producer can’t get the actor (also played by Day) to work, so he puts Latte in his place. The problem? Well, Latte doesn’t speak. Day embarks with huge aspirations for the role, since he would need to depend on his physicality to sell the humour and absurdity of the various situations Latte finds himself in.

Day is a wonderful actor, and is always comedic in all the roles he takes on, but this isn’t one of them. He goes for a mixture of Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean, but doesn’t manage to even be in the same batting league as either one. Day is funny when he has dialogue to play with – that’s his strength. The funniest parts of the movie is when he’s actually playing the actor character and spewing absolute nonsense about method acting, or shooting a gun maniacally for the camera.