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Goodbye to “The Goldbergs”

The Goldbergs, ABC’s long-running family-friendly show, ends its ten-season run tonight — which means it actually outlasts most of the 1980s sitcoms to which it pays homage, like Family Ties and Growing Pains. Adam Goldberg’s show, part autobiography and part loving homage, is set is Philadelphia and features youngest child Adam; middle child Barry; oldest child Erica; their parents, Beverly and Murray; and Beverly’s father, Pops, as they navigate work, school at William Penn Academy, and life in general in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Many characters are based on real-life people from Adam’s adolescence, some of whom even had cameos throughout the series, as did many go-to actors of the Me Decade, including Steve Guttenberg and Anthony Michael Hall. It also featured the late, great George Segal in his last prominent role.

Bravo to the series for such a strong run!