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Happy 25th Birthday, “As Good As It Gets!”

Don’t be fooled here: while, yes, the film as As Good As It Gets was released twenty-five years ago today, I’m not really here to celebrate it. It had the good luck to be a big studio film with popular names in the year following the success of a slate of indie films (Big Night, The English Patient, Secrets and Lies, Shine) and Hollywood was ready to have its revenge. Helen Hunt, hot on her multi-Emmy-winning success on Mad About You (this film came out smack dab in the middle of her four consecutive wins) took Best Actress in a group of British luminaries: Helena Bonham-Carter (The Wings of the Dove), Julie Christie (Afterglow), Judi Dench (Mrs. Brown), and Kate Winslet, for an even bigger blockbuster, Titanic.

Additionally, Jack Nicholson won a record third Oscar for this. Not for Five Easy Pieces. Not for Chinatown. Not even for About Schmidt, which was to come in a few years. This. Really?

At any rate, Shirley Knight is pretty decent in it.

Watch it and judge for yourself!