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“Lizard Boy”

Broadway producers in search of a great new songwriter should check out Justin Huertas’ musical “Lizard Boy,” which had its New York City premiere Wednesday at Theatre Row after engagements in Seattle, Edinburgh and elsewhere.


Huertas’ musical palate runs the gamut from hard rock and bubble gum, to plaintive ballads and vintage patter songs. Even better, his lyrics are always clever, often downright sly, and they never feel forced or banal. Of the more than a dozen titles sung here, not one of them is a dud or merely marks time. Frankly, the “Lizard Boy” score is far superior to the four nominated scores that didn’t win the Tony Award on Sunday.

Huertas stars as Trevor, the title role, and backed up with vivid style by William A. Williams and Kiki deLohr, who play Cary (as in Grant, not Bradshaw) and the Siren (the woman in red). This awesomely talented trio also play an orchestra pit full of string and percussive instruments. And just when you thought director John Doyle had exhausted the practice of actor-singers accompanying themselves, “Lizard Boy,” under the frisky direction Brandon Ivie, makes it all seem wonderfully novel again.