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“Obituary” reviewed

Speaking of murder shows, how is it possible that TV creators have yet to run out of ideas for them? See also: Irish import Obituary, which mixes elements of crime drama and dark comedy to tell the wicked tale of Elvira Clancy (Siobhán Cullen), a morbid, depressive young writer who lands her dream job penning obituaries for her small hometown’s newspaper. She isn’t on the job long when an editor looking to cut costs demotes her from staff writer to freelancer, a gig that certainly won’t sustain her when deaths in the sparsely populated community are few and far between. So Elvira does what any quietly unhinged person in her predicament might do: she starts killing the worst people she can find. Meanwhile, the paper hires a handsome crime reporter (Ronan Raftery) whose investigation into a five-year-old murder gives the series an element of mystery. Imagine Dexter meets Bad Sisters, with a chilling yet somehow quite likable lead performance from Cullen, and you won’t be far off.