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Ask the Dust: “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 13, Episode 15 recap

Sutton finally dumped Merce’s ashes in Sitges and, like Sonja Tremont Morgan of the Stanley Giant Sippable Mugs and Crematory Urns Morgans at a dog funeral before her, the ashes got into the wind and didn’t blow in the direction they intended. Has no one here seen The Big Lebowski? Has the Dude not abided for anyone on Bravo? Even if they wanted to dump him in the ocean, couldn’t she have turned her back to the wind and let the ashes go then? I don’t get this at all.

After Merce was dis-pursed (sorry, I can’t help myself), Trevor, Sutton’s old-timey gay, was kicked off the show for good. However, I’m a little mad at Trevor. As they’re driving to the ceremony, Trevor tells them it’s Bear Week in Sitges. Sutton asks what a bear is, and Erika, used to giving the gays everything they want, tells them all it’s a big, furry gay man. Then Garcelle talks about how Andy Cohen is a top, and then they all discuss cubs and otters and the gay strip in Sitges and how it literally has a club called Bukkake.

Even though Trevor left, the ceremony was not over because each of the women was still wearing a white flower necklace like they were just about to be plunged into a fiery pit in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. They are supposed to release their flowers into the ocean and then release something from their lives. Do people really do these things in real life, or is this just a show thing? If you are doing this in real life, please do not invite me because the thing I will release into the ocean is you.

Anyway, Sutton starts and says she really wants to release her sadness at her father’s passing, her anger at her divorce, and the past two decades of her life since she was last with Merce since she was last her true, original self. For a brief shining moment, I loved Sutton a little bit more than usual. Garcelle says that she wants to release feeling alone and her abandonment issues. Dorit says she wants to give up her PTSD, and her husband, PK, a sea anemone that will latch onto your nipple and never let go, pops up from the ocean to tell her she doesn’t even have it in the first place. Crystal wants to release her brother, who seems to be releasing himself out of the country to get away from her. Annemarie wants to release something. I don’t know. I don’t listen to her. It was probably Sutton’s esophagus.

Kyle makes a teary release, saying she wants to let go of thinking she could have done something to help her friend Lorene, her sisters, her husband, or anything really. Kyle just cries and tosses her flowers in the air like she’s a new bride, and the next person who catches them will have a crush on Morgan Wade that will never dissipate.

But it’s Erika whose release causes the biggest impact. “I’m going to let go in representation of the hurt from the past two and a half years that I feel many of you have contributed to,” she says. With that, she just drops the flowers in the water like a penny in a wishing well, even though what she really did was hurl a bomb at the rest of the women. Crystal takes it well and approaches Erika after the ceremony and apologizes for contributing to her pain. Erika tells her it’s okay, that shit happens, and they carry on, healed, maybe, or at least letting go.

After everyone changes and their glam squads are dispersed, they meet their tour guide, Manolo. Okay, I don’t want to blow up this dude’s Trip Advisor, but Manolo Non-Blahnik didn’t give them a tour or really guide them anywhere. He just showed up twice, hugged the ladies, played some guitar, and then pawned them off on someone else; in this case, it was Mimo, the owner of Tablao de Carmen, the flamenco dancing meat hall where the ladies would be performing this evening.

After her letting go, Erika’s situation keeps coming up in conversation. On the bus on the way to dinner, Kyle says that she is always signing whatever her husband tells her, and Erika says, “That’s how I got into trouble, Kyle,” and don’t we know it? When they’re eating dinner, they’re discussing what they like most about the trip, and Erika says that she could finally relax around the women and mentions last season’s disastrous Aspen trip. Garcelle tells her she can finally see how deeply their behavior affected Erika and Sutton offers a toast to her and her Vegas residency, but adds in a dig that not everyone got the elaborate invites that everyone else got, or an invite at all for that matter. Sutton lets the mouse go with one hand and scoops it back up with the other.

But Sutton is right; the women seem to be getting over their problems with each other, they seem to be getting along. Their flamenco dance, while rudimentary, was nice because at least it brought them all together.

Back in the States, Dorit goes over to Kyle’s house. What Kyle hasn’t told her, hasn’t told anyone, is she isn’t sure whether or not her marriage is going to make it. This seems like producing after the fact, like the news of the separation leaked to the press, the producers found out and called Kyle back in to finally talk about it on camera. This is when she should have been talking about it. Dorit is literally there to ask about her marriage, and Kyle can’t muster even one, “I don’t know if we’re going to make it.”