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“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 13, Episode 8 recap

It’s time to get serious for a sec in this episode. While it’s been fun watching Kyle and Sutton trigger each other every episode, the frenemies have finally decided to put things to rest (for now) following Kyle’s disastrous weed dinner. On tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it feels like the group is starting anew with Annemarie officially onboard as a full-time Housewife. Unfortunately, this nosy (according to Crystal) nurse anesthetist comes on a bit too strong and gets effortlessly schooled by Sutton. If social media is any indication, I don’t think this newbie will be a fan-favorite anytime soon.

This week’s episode centers around the fourth anniversary party for Sutton’s eponymous clothing store. But the women still have some things to clear up before they can celebrate the divorcee’s retail success, including Kyle and Dorit’s insinuation that she has a problem with alcohol. To everyone’s surprise, Crystal is, as Dorit calls her, the carrier pigeon in this situation. And based on the mid-season—even though we’re only a third of the way in—trailer following the episode, it seems like a producer has finally convinced her to play in the mud with the rest of her messy castmates.

But first, Kyle recaps the weed dinner and the questions around their marriage to Maurico, who, of course, denies any foul play. Kyle also gets a home visit from her therapist/life coach Jamie to talk about her fractured relationship with Kathy and the devastating loss of her lifelong best friend, Lorene, by suicide. She says those losses, on top of the instability in her marriage, have been particularly hard.

In reference to Kathy, Jamie tells Kyle that she’s not obligated to maintain unhealthy relationships, even if they’re family. Now we know that she and Kathy are on good terms, and she seemingly applied this advice to Mauricio instead. (I also have a theory that she’s playing up her hurt over Kathy this season to conceal her marital issues.) He also tells her to embrace her moment of growth (a.k.a her midlife crisis), even if it’ll “ruffle some feathers.”