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“The Real Housewives of Miami” Season 6, Episode 10 recap

Alexia really knows no bounds. The drama starts when Alexia and Marysol arrive and realize that their old co-star, Ana Quincoces, is coming to lunch at Adriana’s invitation. Marysol says that Ana wants her dead, but once again, we just see that her daughter called her a “rotting corpse,” which is very different from wishing her dead. We do see another clip of Ana on a podcast saying that Marysol’s tongue is so far up Alexia’s ass that you can’t tell where one starts and the other ends. Sorry, but no lies detected. It’s strange because when Ana does finally arrive at the brunch, she is quite sweet. She brings a gift for Nicole and Anthony and tells Lisa that she’s supporting her in her case against Lenny. As fights erupt around her like zits on an oily 14-year-old’s face, Ana stays mostly quiet.

You would think that her behavior would acquit her, that the fact that she left the brunch without even saying a word or dropping a bomb would clear her. But that she accepted the invitation in the first place doesn’t say great things about Ana. She comes across as a Housewife who wants back on the show so badly that she’d come to make insinuations about Alexia’s financial situation without knowing anything about it. Her intentions were immediately apparent, and she failed miserably.

Alexia & Marysol decide to leave the lunch before it even starts and go to the yacht club for a bunch of drinks. However, when Ana starts talking, Lisa goes outside and calls them and says that they need to come back to the party to set the record straight. Alexia drives back in the Ferrari/Lambo/Porsche (should she be driving after all those cocktails?), and they take their seats at the table.

When they do, however, they don’t attack Ana or Adriana. They firmly have their sights set on Nicole, who they think is trying to retaliate against Marysol. Really? Why? Didn’t they bury the hatchet in the Aroma360 Clubhouse? Nicole makes a number of valid points. She didn’t know what happened ten years ago because she wasn’t around. And if Larsa, who was around, though pre-Ana, didn’t know, how could Nicole? Also, how is she supposed to know what Ana said on a podcast. I’m pretty immersed in Housewifery, and I didn’t even know about this until the episode. I feel like Nicole had met her a few times and thought she was nice; Adriana asked to bring her, and Nicole thought she knew the other ladies already, so it should be fine. I think Nicole, like all of them, was played by Adriana.

This is what I can’t understand about Alexia and Marysol. Adriana has been pulling these stunts since she was first cast on the show during the Obama administration. When they found out she was involved, why would they think this was Nicole’s plan and not Adriana’s? It’s like they’re accusing Nicole of stealing a cookie when Adriana is sitting right there with crumbs all up in her décolletage.

Where it really got bad, however, was when Alexia said the reason that Nicole’s mother wasn’t at the brunch was because she said Nicole was mean to her. First of all, low blow. Second of all, who among us hasn’t been mean to his/her mother once or twice? (Sorry, Mom!) Third of all, her mom wasn’t there because she was watching the kid. This isn’t the burn that Alexia thinks it is. We know Nicole had nothing to do with this, as should any reasonable person assessing the situation, but who said Alexia and Marysol were reasonable?

Lisa vs. Guerdy: The conversation about Guerdy’s car comment continues inside, and Guerdy elucidates a very good point to Lisa. Guerdy says Lisa should think, “Fuck the Phantom. I don’t give a shit if I’m in a Corolla because, guess what, I’m leaving with my dignity and my safety and my own environment.” Exactly. Guerdy’s point was not about the car; it was about Lisa choosing her kids and her sanity over luxury goods. She was saying that Lisa should be willing to do anything to keep her family going, including driving a “shitty” car, but Lisa doesn’t seem willing to do that.

I’m not sure what this fight is or where it even sprung from, but Adriana tells Kiki if she is uncomfortable with Ana around, she should leave. Kiki does. This is the appropriate response because Kiki already scored a home run when Lisa was asking all the women around the table their net worth, and Kiki said, “500 … dollars.” She wasn’t going to beat that.

Perhaps the most interesting scene in the episode is when Julia has Adriana over for lunch to confront her about bringing Ana to lunch. Ever since Adriana told Julia about Alexia’s money problems, she knew that Adriana had brought her to that lunch to drop bombs. Yes, no bomb eventually went off, but you could hear it ticking under the table the entire time. Julia wants to know Adriana’s intention in bringing Ana to the lunch, but she knows it as clearly as we do. She intended to make Alexia look bad. Adriana says she’s doing this to show how Alexia is hypocritical for criticizing Lisa’s finances but having messy ones of her own. I don’t think Adriana even believes that; she is just out for blood against her old enemies. What’s even more interesting is that when Lisa calls Alexia and tells her to come back to lunch, she says she and Larsa will have Alexia’s back. Lisa doesn’t even want Ana there if it means bolstering her argument, so Adriana is busted.

Anyway, Julia says it was meant to be a nice lunch, and Adriana knew that by bringing Ana, it wouldn’t be nice anymore; it would be conflict. Um, Julia. Do you know anything about your bestie? This is what she always does. She sews strife and discord, and when she’s called out for doing this, she pretends like she is being persecuted and not understood. That is exactly what happens here. Adriana tells Julia, “Don’t play devil’s advocate.” But that’s not what Julia is doing. She is trying to tell Adriana that she was wrong to do this, but Adriana can brook no criticism. She barges out of the house without even taking Julia’s opposition seriously.