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“The Real Housewives of Miami” Season 6, Episode 8 recap

We’re treated to a wonderful interval where the women of Miami try to learn how to play croquet and mostly just confound and insult a group of 70-year-old white dudes who are wondering just how much one of Larsa’s feet pics cost. (FYI: About $12.) But the scene was great. We have Larsa cursing on the course, one of the members saying that they don’t really do that, and her promising to tone it down even though no one believes her. When Kiki gets a ball through a wicket, she takes a very bawdy victory lap. I’m sure Kiki is not the first person of color on this croquet court, but I can almost guarantee that hers was the first boob of color to slip out and make an appearance.

At dinner that night, Julia — who looks ravishing in an editor’s cape and the Kim Kardashian wet-look hair — has her work cut out for her. The first order of business is to try to survive an alligator attack that Adriana completely made up because she’s been overdoing the ketamine therapy. Second, she has to confront Alexia about why she had to ask Todd for permission to share a bed with her. That was an awkward conversation because we could all see that Alexia was uncomfortable, but she played it off as a joke. She admitted it was a bad joke, but she says, “Oh, I don’t see you like that, don’t worry.”

Know what? I’m fine with Alexia being a little uncomfortable about it, even if we’re never quite sure why. It could have been because she didn’t want to piss off Marysol, who was already coming for Alexia to support Julia’s friendship with her ex. It could have been because she just doesn’t like sharing. It could be because she’s a little bit more bi than we think and maybe she is attracted to Julia. I don’t know. What I do know is she didn’t want to pawn her unease off on Julia and tried to make her feel welcome and loved while still keeping her at arm’s length. As long as she’s being magnanimous about it and not saying out loud, “It’s cause you’re a lesbian, and that’s weird,” I think we have a bit of a victory on our hands.

Finally, it’s time for Julia’s big job and that is introducing the topic of Lisa’s divorce in a sweet, calm way so that they can all express their concern for their friend without her freaking out about it and taking her multiple butterfly rings back up to her room in the Aroma360 house. Julia’s conversation-starting skills are about as good as her opera singing skills. I don’t know if it’s a language barrier, if Julia is awkward with these kinds of conversations, or if her hair is so slick that the thoughts are just rolling down her noggin like beads of rain on a windshield. She tells Lisa that the night of the opera party, she came out when her kids just had to deal with the police and that they should all agree that kids go first.