You are currently viewing A Real Devil: “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 14, Episode 8 recap

A Real Devil: “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 14, Episode 8 recap

The big episode s finally here! And it’s…meh.

In the lobby of a healing center, Teresa falls in love with a Buddha head that isn’t for sale. Channeling Veruca Salt, Teresa tells the owner, that it’d be perfect for her party. “It’s called tipsy and Tulum … it’s in the backyard, so I wanted to put it by the Jacuzzi,” she explains, with wide, hopeful eyes.

Thankfully, Dolores and Jennifer arrive, and Teresa’s eye-contact waivers. Teresa hugs them, and asks them to arrive in “as little clothes as possible” to her party. Dolores laughs.

Melissa is also laughing, en route to the bank. Envy is located near “unreal” foot traffic now, and it’s thriving. So, Melissa is having a fashion show. She’s also going with the less is more vibes, telling her manager that “nipples are in,” and that her show needs to be “super sexy.”

Back in the healing space, an instructor asks Teresa, Jennifer, and Dolores to focus on their tensions. Montages emerge, showcasing each of their internal conflicts in turn. Their session ends, not helping Dolores at all, but she does want to purchase a piece of this center’s art. It’s a tree that’s “connected to abundance,” which is perfect for her new Eco Electric business with Paulie.

After shading Dolores’s lack of a ring in her confessional, Jennifer tells Teresa that she missed a messy housewarming party. Dolores agrees, explaining that Joe threw her card into the fire. Teresa calls Joe petty.

Then, Dolores reveals that John was also acting up. He noted to the partygoers that he had been arrested when he was young, like Gia Giudice’s age, so, Tre needs to let his past go. Good luck John, because mentioning Tre’s kids helps nothing.

Also, Jennifer doesn’t like Danielle, and Dolores isn’t feeling Jackie, who called her a slob.

Margaret stops by Rachel’s house with a gift in hand for Rachel’s daughter Giuliana. This sweet babe just had a lip and tongue-tie procedures done, and already, she’s seeing a marked improvement. On this same medically fragile note, Margaret’s Joe has some health issues going on as well. With his, the dreaded cancer word is lurking, making me hate this vile disease even more.

Speaking of diseases, Margaret tells Rachel that Jackie is being a “f*cking asshole” right now. Naturally, this cast is fighting, as Tre’s Hedonism-like party lays in wait. As for Teresa, she can feel the drama coming, but she also doesn’t think that any of these squabbles are big enough for her to even care about. In her mind, the only evil thing at play here is Margaret. Teresa asks Dolores, “Who cares about Jackie?” before saying she simply needs her to take Marge down.

Teresa’s party kicks off, and only small glimpses of tits are seen. MTV this is not. Jackie arrives, causing Danielle and Dolores to walk away for a drink. In Jackie’s circle, the Margaret hating continues, which annoys Jenn Fessler, who also walks away from this trio.

Speaking of mess, Luis isn’t wearing any undies.

In better news, Jackie and Dolores speak. Jackie wants to fight for their friendship, but Dolores doesn’t.

Across the lawn, Danielle checks in with Teresa, to see if they’re good. They are. Danielle reassures Teresa that when she hangs out with the others, it’s not filled with Teresa-bashing comments. After clearing this bit of air, Danielle heads over to Jennifer next.

Jennifer doesn’t fold though. Instead, she accuses Danielle of paying herself out of her charity event’s donations. Danielle reminds Jennifer that she has a ton of money, unlike herself, so she has to take a cut to help her pay for the costs.

Then, Jennifer accuses Danielle of “sabotaging” her own hairdresser’s photo shoot. Danielle gives context, and reveals that Jennifer’s twisting things around. Jennifer continues to stand firm, claiming that Danielle treats “her people” poorly.

The girls call each other sweet things, like “dirt bag” and “piece of sh*t.” Then, Jennifer shoves Danielle, so Danielle instantly responds by smacking her drink into the side of Jennifer’s head. Fortunately, it was a plastic cup; not the glass that was widely reported soon after filming.

“Your wife’s a b*tch,” Danielle yells at Bill as she exits the party. Slowly, Bill gets up to comfort Jennifer, who can’t even recall WTF just happened.

Whichever side you’re on (and it’s impossible to just watch head-on), I think this is the beginning of the end of RHONJ as we know it.