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“Shrinking” reviewed

Shrinking isn’t the first sitcom centered on therapists who need healing themselves. It isn’t even the first one to air on Apple TV. Heck, it probably isn’t the only currently on the air right now. The show, co-created by Ted Lasso’s Bill Lawrence, ultimately rests in the shadow of that Emmy-winning series. Jason Segel is Jimmy Johns, recently grasping normal again after falling off the rails in the year since his wife has died. His teammates are his colleagues and neighbors – there is Gaby (Jessica Williams), who was best friends with Jimmy’s deceased wife, and Paul (Harrison Ford), his boss and mentor. There’s Liz (Christa Miller), a retired friend of the family who lives next door and was de facto parent to Jimmy’s teenage daughter. There’s also Brian (Michael Urie), an estate lawyer and Jimmy’s best friend, and there’s Sean (Luke Tennie), a patient who becomes a pet project for Jimmy.

There’s too many characters, in fact, and Shrinking doesn’t know what to do with them, constantly coming up with new configurations to hang out and walk (these Pasadena residents hike and hike and hike). And the show forgets to consistently spot Jimmy’s patients, who come and go to varying degrees. But it’s worth it to watch Ford, giving the performance of a lifetime.