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There’s no way to put a positive spin on Parkinson’s. But how we handle the cards we’re dealt is everything, and Davis Guggenheim’s remarkable documentary Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie reminds us that a person stricken with a disease doesn’t become that disease. Fox’s condition continues to deteriorate as he ages (he’s now 61). Though the boy he used to be is still right there in the impish planes of his face, his limitations have increased; he’s frequently injured as the result of unavoidable falls. But he’s still Michael J. Fox, and Guggenheim, an astute interviewer, paints a picture of where he’s at today that’s unsparing but also terrifically—if also somewhat darkly—funny. When Guggenheim asks Fox where he thinks he’ll be in 20 years, his brow furrows, and it takes a few seconds for the answer to travel from brain to mouth. “I’ll either be dead or … a pickle,” he says, the kind of spontaneous, out-there joke you have to be Michael J. Fox to make.