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“Talk to Me”

In A24’s Talk to Me, a figurine has been kicking around the teenage scene in suburban Australia — one that supposedly grants the ability to communicate with the dead. This otherworldly object has the shape of an outstretched hand and is creepy while also looking like something you might find in the sale section at Urban Outfitters. Its current owners claim that beneath the ceramic is the embalmed limb of a medium or a satanist, but no one knows if this is true or cares all that much. What matters is that the thing works — if you clasp it and say “talk to me,” you see what appears to be a ghost, and if you add, “I let you in,” the ghost will take over your body until someone else pries the statuette out of your grasp. There are other rules involving a candle and ensuring the possession doesn’t last for longer than 90 seconds, but the characters see the hand’s powers as an unparalleled party trick rather than as an exact science.