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“The Morning Show” Season 3, Episode 5 recap

In “Love Island,” we get a flirty, lovely montage that reveals how much these two are in love and also that they are very, very hot. We also learn that after Mia tells André about her relationship with Mitch Kessler once she catches him watching the documentary that, yes, Cory decided to release on UBA+ because he is chaos’s No. 1 fan (and is desperate for ratings), the two hit a rough patch. André takes his big feelings about it all and heads out to three different bars, getting wasted and also possibly exposed to COVID-19, which is beyond a deal-breaker for Mia. She calls him a selfish asshole and moves into her UBA office. And that’s the condition their relationship is in when André gets called onto a job in Afghanistan. Have they seen each other in person since? It seems like no. I fear all of this means this man will die in Ukraine. You don’t get swoony montages and heartbreaking good-byes if you’re not about to face unmitigated tragedy, right? It’s like The Morning Show had to rewind to hit home that we should be invested in Mia and André so that whatever is about to go down works. Anyway, they are very hot together, and I am concerned for this man’s health.