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As Performers from CANADA go Head-to-Head with the AMERICAN Champs



Monday, May 22, 2023

Battle Acts Is a Live Audience Acting Competition to Find 

America’s Greatest Actor

New York, NY – This month’s Battle Acts is set to be an electrifying Border War as three actors from Canada go head-to-head with the US champs in a thrilling display of acting prowess. The event will take place at the prestigious Chelsea Music Hall in NYC on Monday, May 22, 2023. The evening kicks off with a networking party at 7 pm, followed by the show at 8 pm.

Known as the “American Idol of Acting,” Battle Acts is New York City’s premier live audience acting competition, seeking to uncover the city’s America’s greatest actor. The upcoming competition promises an intense showcase of talent, bringing together actors from both sides of the border in a highly-anticipated clash. This rivalry carries an added intensity due to the proximity of the actors, who often work together and compete for the same casting calls in Manhattan, NYC, and Toronto, CA.

The lineup features top-notch performers, including Tara Paterson, Karrie Kwong, and L.A. Sweeney from Canada, and Keyanna Murrill, Angelita Byrd, and Paul Foster from the US. Headshots of the performers can be found here: [Link to headshots:]

“We are thrilled to witness the unification of the performance community across North America and beyond through Battle Acts,” says co-host and co-producer Phillip Galinsky. “Although the competition will be fierce and the performances intense, the real excitement lies in bringing together actors from both countries to showcase their talents on one stage.”

Battle Acts features actors battling it out in front of a live audience and a panel of esteemed entertainment industry professionals. This month, the panel includes casting guru Jeffrey Dreisbach, Tony-winning producers Jana Robbins and Irene Gandy, and actor/producer/writer Khalil Kain. The event will be elevated by the presence of DJ Keith Shocklee, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Public Enemy.

Hosted by the Galinsky Brothers, renowned for their long-running Manhattan Monologue Slam, which the New York Times hailed as “performers looking for that fabled big break squaring off against one another in a flurry of monologues, with industry professionals sitting as judges,” Battle Acts is a platform that brings together stage and film actors in an evening of raucous, fast-paced performances. The event offers participants an opportunity to impress industry decision-makers and captivate a live audience.

The team behind Battle Acts includes William “Chip” Quigley (Award-winning Live Music & Television Producer), Terry Schnuck (five-time TONY Award Winning Broadway Producer), Jeffrey Chrzczon (Broadway Producer & General Manager), Michael Ginsberg (Television Producer), Robert Galinsky (Actor, Poet and Acting Coach) and Philip Galinsky (Actor, Writer, Producer and Voiceover Artist). 

“Chelsea Music Hall is the perfect new home for our new version of the Slam, where the greatest talent gathers, because it’s an edgy venue and that offers a platform for new talent to pop! Some of our success stories include actors who have gone on to principal roles in the film “2012”, “Orange is the New Black”, “Law and Order.” and many more projects,” stated the Galinsky Brothers, hosts of Battle Acts.

The next Battle Acts will take place at Chelsea Music Hall on Monday, May 22nd, 2023 doors open at 7:00 PM. Audience guests can purchase tickets by visiting

Chelsea Music Hall is located at 407 West 15th Street, New, NY. For more information visit or