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Happy Twentieth Anniversary, “The Secret Lives of Dentists!”

Twenty years ago, The Secret Lives of Dentists was released, which makes now as good a time as any to rediscover this overlooked gem. Helmed by cinematic raconteur Alan Rudolph and adapted from the great Jane Smiley’s novella The Age of Grief, Dentists peeks into the life of seemingly well-off and stable Westchester family.

David and Dana Hurst (Campbell Scott and Hope Davis) are dentists who are married with three daughters and their own shared practice. Dana is also in the chorus of a community opera production, and when David goes backstage to give her a good luck charm, he sees her in the arms of another man, which sends him reeling trying to figure out how to approach his suspicions. As he contemplates how to handle this, he begins having imaginary conversations with a difficult former patient (Denis Leary).

It’s a smart, humane, and rich film that even received two awards from the New York Film Critics Circle, including Best Actress for Davis and Best Screenplay for Craig Lucas. Go see it!